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I love helping other women feel confident in their wrapping abilities!
Nail Wraps with Amber
I love helping other women feel confident in their nail wrapping abilities!
Wrap 'em Right with Amber
I love helping 
other women feel confident in their 
nail wrapping abilities!
The 5 Best Ways to Remove Your Jamberry Wraps
by Amber Laplante
  • Because these nail wraps will strongly adhere to your nails and last up to 2 weeks, you will need to learn how to remove them safely....unless you want weak nails.
  • Nothing should ever hurt; do what works best for you and take your time to avoid nail damage.
  • As tempting as it is (I've done it), just ripping off your wraps will damage your nails making them weak and brittle. This is because the adhesive is so strong that if you just rip off the wrap, you will also remove the top layer of your nail.
  • Instead, practice a bit of patience, be gentle to your nails and try one of the following 5 methods:
1. Heated Wrap Removal
    (jamberry mini-heater, blow dryer, or microwaved rice bag)
  • - Reheat the wrap, break the seal on the side using your fingernail or a tool, then slowly push off by working the tool under the wrap. The wrap should push off easily; if there is any resistance, reheat the wrap and try again.
  • - Apply heated rice bag onto nail to heat up wrap, break the seal, add more heat as needed to gently slide off wrap.
2. Topical Adhesive Dissolver Wrap Removal
    (alcohol, nail polish remover or oil)
  • - Apply chosen liquid, break the seal, & re-apply liquid around and under wrap. Then push from top to bottom. The wrap should push off easily; if it continues to stick, add more of your chosen product and gently push some more.
Alcohol & Cuticle Pusher Wrap Removal
Warm Coconut Oil Wrap Removal
3. Soak Removal
    (hot water, alcohol, nail polish remover, warm oil, or hot water with lemon juice)
  •     - Soak nails in chosen product for 20-30 seconds then break the seal and slide your nail or a tool under the wrap from top to bottom to gently slide it off. If it does not slide off easily, reapply chosen product.
  •     - If using water or oil, heat it first - this will break down the adhesive faster.
  •     - Remember, if you want to keep your wraps on, avoid picking at them while they are submerged in hot water, such as when washing dishes, showering or hot tubbing.
4. Dental Floss Pick Wrap Removal
  •     - Gently slide the floss underneath your wrap starting at the cuticle. You can heat the wrap first or not.
5. Wash Your Nails After Wrap Removal
  •     - ONLY use the cuticle oil if you aren't reapplying wraps. You can apply cuticle oil a day after you apply new wraps, which allows time for the wraps' adhesive to form a strong bond with your nails.
  • Remember nothing should ever hurt; do what works best for you and take your time to avoid nail damage. By gently removing your wraps, you will maintain the strength of your nails.

About Amber

After college I served in the Peace Corps, traveled to exotic places, got my hands dirty, ate crazy delicacies, and had many fantastic adventures...but something was missing! I had resigned to having plain, boring, bare nails for years. I never knew there was an alternative to polish's toxicity, odor, & chipping...until I found Jamberry Wraps.  
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